Lodge 221 Timeline

March 2nd, 1846

St. John's Lodge #219 Warranted

April 8th, 1846

St. John's Lodge #219 Constituted

September 7th, 1846

Franklin Lodge #221 Warranted

October 15th, 1846

Franklin Lodge #221 Constituted

August 12th, 1887

Original Franklin Lodge is destroyed by a fire

March 6th, 1889

Crescent Lodge #576 Warranted

July 11th, 1889

Crescent Lodge #576 Constituted

March 18th, 1915

Franklin Lodge has its first Stated Meeting in its new post-fire home

December 3rd, 1924

Trinity Lodge #736 Warranted

December 19th, 1924

Trinity Lodge #736 Constituted

December 27th, 1991

St.John's Lodge merges with Trinity Lodge to become St. John's/Trinity Lodge #736

December 27th, 1995

Franklin Lodge merges with St.John's/Trinity Lodge to become Franklin/St. John's/Trinity Lodge #221

June 30th, 2004

Crescent Lodge merges into Franklin/St. John's/Trinity Lodge #221